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South Indian females: Numero Uno Sexiest Armpits?

f you have visited South Indian metros and cities anytime, you might have not forgotten the glimpse, smell and taste of South Indian female armpits. If you have not visited South Indian cities yet, you might have at least heard about the beauty of South females and their sexiest armpits. Have you ever thought why there is lot of talks about South Indian female armpits these days? You would have probably wondered what makes it different from others.

Being a person travelled a lot within India and abroad, I have always felt there is something which makes South Indian females simply outstanding. What must be that? Have you ever thought like me? I am sure – you had indeed asked it several times!

South Indian females are more natural, so do their armpits. In earlier days, South Indian girls never used to shave their underarms. From the time they start getting those tiny hair under their armpit tickling the sensations of puberty, they never thought underarm hair need to be removed. These scenario has changed now in the cities where girls are frequently shaving their underarm hair, of course, they need to wear sleeveless blouses and chudies. In South India, however, you will see less usage of sleeveless compared to those in North India. Hence, they keep the freedom of not regularly shaving and waxing their underarms.

As the South Indian girls mostly refrain from shaving their underarms for many years, it happens that hair grows more densely over there. That makes their armpits sweat heavily especially during summer times. I’m sure you all admire those little sweat stains in their blouse and you probably might have urged to dive and sniff there for hours! Hotter South Indian cities guarantee your pleasure as it is sure that you’ll never miss those sweat stains – 9 out of 10 times! South Indians eat more spicy food as well and it makes South Indian girls more hotter and sexier!

anushka24 saira bhanu32

ndhra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala are really blessed with many things and I admire their females more than anything else. As I said earlier, they are more naturally sexier with excellent features and marvellous taste of sex which will make anyone say ‘Wow – I need more of this kind’! If you have seen the great beauties of tinsel town in older times or at present, you will stamp this. Jayapradha, Sreedevi, Hema Malini, Vaijayanthimala, Lakshmi, Ramya Krishnan and many more are examples of those beauty. Nowadays, you can see many many more. Look at Anushka, anyone surely will have vibration when you absorb that splendour. Sneha, Namitha, Charmi, Meera Jasmine, Nayanthara, Bhavana, Kavya Madhavan, Sindhu Menon, Lahari, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Trisha, Asin, Muktha, Ramya, Bhama …..oooophhh…list continues! Bollyarm team features all these cuties to imbibe their armpit beauty.

It is certain anyone will get mad if you have really explored South Indian female’s armpits. They do have sometimes dark patches as a remnant of their unshaved armpit hair during early days. It takes too long to get these areas fairer even after using all latest whiteners, creams and lotions. Nowadays young girls are careful to shave their underarms more regularly to avoid these dark patches. However, I feel these dark patches are really lovely to see on fairer females. The little stubbles would make your tongue and lips tickle when you graze over there.

3 melishka12

Other unique features of South Indian female armpits are the aroma and taste. As we know South Indians sweat more, their sweat smell are absolutely a heaven and definitely it adds more spice to their delicious armpits. Try to smell and taste a South Indian girl’s armpit who never uses any deo under her armpits. You will find it more exciting…. Naturally South Indian girls have exotic body smell and taste. I’m sure you are really looking for experiencing it soon!

Apart from young girls in South India, there is lot one can admire about matured female armpits. If you have got a chance to watch females of age between 27-40, you surely will realize the difference of armpits of a young girl and matured ladies. South Indian females become more fleshy after their marriage and even more after they give birth to a child. As they build up more fat, proportionately their armpits become more broader and fleshier as well. Their armpit texture gives more area for her lover to explore. It increases the pleasure of sniffing, licking and sucking those areas with slow lateral movements to her shoulders or bust. Once you ask them to lift up their armpits during sex or foreplay, you are rest assured not to leave it too shortly. It is quite a sexy view if you ask her lift her arms when she is on top position.

Being an armpit lover for many years now, I’ve enjoyed South Indian and Latin girl’s armpits more than anything else. I don’t deny the fact North Indian girls are equally good, however, you would miss some marks of pleasure especially the dark stubbles, natural taste and smell. North Indian females wear sleeveless more frequently and hence keep their armpits clean shaved, smoothened, whitened added with lot of deo to keep them fresh smelling.

Folks, I’m sure you are all now so much excited about South Indian female armpits. Never miss a chance if you can enjoy one now or later…… Visit Bollyarm forum for all latest updates on armpit beauty……Cheerio!


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5 Responses

  1. idur says:

    wow…armpit women is sexy

  2. tanwir says:

    i m the greatest lover of sweaty and smelly armpits of women specialy in blouse.i m mad to smell even the 10 days old heavily sweated armpits.i love to see purse or book to be presed in armpit of women.if i see any women big patch in armpit and if purse is pressed in it ,i cannot control my sex.plese publish som photo of women with purse tightly pressed in underarms.i m lover of hema malini sweated armpits

  3. panduc says:

    i like to see hairy arm pits girls show me more

  4. taylormade says:

    All sweaty armpits don’t necessarily arouse ur sexual desire.Armpits shud smell good. A combi of
    body odour,a nice perfume or deo and sweat is sensual.

  5. Thamara says:

    I like to sniff lick and suck female armpits with just stubble, sweaty and slightly dark.

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